How do I make my corporate video fun? It’s a valid question. We see a lot of brand anthems, and let’s face it. Sometimes your business just isn’t sexy. But, that doesn’t mean it isn’t valuable! And, it doesn’t mean that your message isn’t worth hearing. That’s why you’ve decided to use video to communicate […]

Help! I’ve been recruited for my company video! What should I expect for my first time on set?  If you’re reading this, then you’re probably not a professional actor. But, you’ve been summoned to participate in a company video by your marketing team.  You’ve got to play “woman walking with dog” or “customer in line,” […]

As a full-service video production company in Baton Rouge, we are here to bolster your in-house team’s communication efforts and ensure that you accomplish your long term goals. We know you want to support your in-house communications team, and that means it might be a good idea to outsource video production. Many companies have an […]

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. So, a video is worth a whole lot more, right? How can you get the best ROI for your video anyway?  The mathematics might be a little subjective, but we know that a well-crafted, strategically-executed video is a valuable asset. So, it’s worth considering why a […]

You’ve decided to create video content for your company. Before you choose set locations or even write your script, you need to think about what you want your video to say.  Maybe you’ve got a new campaign. Maybe you’ve just rejuvenated your brand, and you need to promote it. Or, maybe you know video is […]

Video is not a New Year’s resolution.  Woah! You think. Why would a video production company say that?  Because video isn’t a goal in itself. It’s a tool, albeit a very powerful one, to help you accomplish your goals and empower your company to achieve long term success. But, just like video content creation, well-crafted New […]

Between celebrating the new year and the holidays, time for reflection is a rare commodity. It’s important to remember where we’ve been before we charge ahead. So, we’re launching this new decade with a look back and where we resolve to go.  Before Launch Media, we were GreenScreenTV. Almost 15 years ago, Michael Trufant and […]

Video is a pretty big deal, in case you hadn’t heard. As technologies develop and your target audiences become more savvy, the demand for video content isn’t just going to rise, it’s going to evolve. Your audiences don’t just want a visual experience, they want quality, entertainment, and clear communication. And, they want it fast. […]

What exactly is a “Creative Director?” It’s quite the ambiguous term, encompassing a range of potential responsibilities depending on the industry and individual company. Generally, a creative director is the person who makes high-level creative decisions and guides the team with that vision to create the necessary deliverables. But, due to the nature of small teams […]

“Seeing is believing, but sometimes the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.” Hard to believe those words rang out nearly 15 years ago. That’s a pretty profound takeaway for a kid’s movie. And, one we should meditate on this month.  Between final quarter concerns, preparing budgets for the new […]

In case you didn’t hear, we’re hiring producers at Launch Media to help us expand into some exciting new projects. That got us thinking about what qualities we’re really looking for and the characteristics that make someone a really valuable video producer.  1. Maintain a Positive Attitude  We’re not really promoting a “don’t worry, be […]

In case you didn’t know, we produce explainer videos here at Launch Media. From safety training to operational procedures, we’ve got you covered. Sometimes tutorial videos are animated, and sometimes they are live action (in an actual office with flesh and blood humans). You can leave the animation process to us, but we’ve got a […]

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