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To help you better understand what we do, what you need for your video project and how we can assist, we’ve provided a menu of video categories, real-life examples, and rough costs.  While every project is unique, these categories encompass the most popular types of projects we produce for our clients.

We want to empower you with the visual tools to introduce a story to your customers, demonstrate your value to them, showcase your assets, support their commitment to you, and encourage them to maintain a relationship.

Each type of branding video is designed to uniquely engage the viewer, whether an employee, potential client, or current customer.

Marketing videos usually take a more direct approach with a specific call to action to generate purchase of a product or service.

Branding videos are more nuanced, though no less purposeful, and reinforce who you are and what you stand for as a company to cultivate a deeper relationship and understanding of your identity with your target audience.

When a company wants to rebrand or cultivate their identity internally, we use Employee Branding Videos to sell company culture, encourage change of problem areas, and reinforce company strengths, like good employee behavior.

Highlight Video, ft. "Powered By" Campaign, River Road Coffee

Highlight: a short video to drive awareness that quickly engages the viewer and delivers one or two key points. We often shoot multiple highlight videos to create a campaign.  These videos range between :08, :15, :30 or :60 time frames, produced to be “broadcast ready” for social media, internal media, or traditional media platforms.  Common Uses: social media sharing, social media page branding, digital advertising, web or email, talent recruiting, television – Average cost is $13,000. See the full “Powered By” Campaign, River Road Coffees 

Feature Video, ft. "People People" by Assurance Financial

Feature: designed to provide your target audience with a deeper understanding of your overall messaging or brand identity. These videos may run up to 2 minutes.  Common Uses: online media, social media sharing, presentations or sent as a direct link following a meeting or request for more information, events, tradeshows – Average cost is $15,000

Learn more about the “People People” project here.

Profile Video, ft. "Studia Humanitatis" by The Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities

Profile: a longer video designed to provide a more in-depth view of your company, product, or service. These are often used as an overview of a company, containing its history, products, services, and beliefs.  Common Uses: online platform, website, presentations or sent as a direct link following a meeting or request for more information, a company video channel (YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo), events and tradeshows, employee recruiting – Average cost is $17,000

Learn more about the “Studia Humanitatis” project here.

Explainer Video, ft. "Steps to Training" by LCTCS

Explainer: offers a detailed explanation of a product or process—how a product is made, how a process works, etc. We produce these videos using 2D or 3D visual elements.  Common Uses: social media sharing, web pages, or for the company’s video channel (YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo), and tradeshows, training presentations – Average cost is $13,000 for 2D and $17,000 for 3D

Client Testimonial Videos, ft. 2017 President of NCCER

Client Testimonials: features real clients explaining their interaction or experience with a company, its product(s), or its service(s). With honest, believable clients this type of video can effectively build company credibility. Common Uses: TV, social media sharing and web –Cost varies.

Orientation Videos, ft. "Life-Saving Rules: The Power of Your Actions" by BASF

Orientation Videos: welcome employees and explain company programs such as sales, safety, benefits and more. We strive to craft a tone custom-fit for your company culture to encourage employee engagement with this information.  Common Uses: internal broadcasts, and web pages, or direct link, or for the company’s video channel (YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo), and tradeshows, training presentations – Average cost is $10,000 w/o B-Roll  $18,000 w/ B-Roll


Instructional Videos, ft. "FAFSA" by Louisiana Office for Student Aid

Instructional Videos: provide directions to someone who has already purchased your product or joined your organization to explain how to use a product, engage with the company, or learn more. Common Uses: Web pages or for the company’s video channel (YouTube, Wistia, Vimeo), email, training presentations


Popular Additions

Launch Media offers a variety of additions to enhance our video offerings, which you can explore below:


Adding captions to online video boosts SEO (search engine optimization) and allows more people to consume your content.

Avg cost: $150

Creative Concept & Design

When you need more than a script, a full concept with storyboards and design elements is one way to guarantee that yourcontent stands out and is memorable.

Avg cost $1500

Logo Animation

Adding motion to a logo or graphics within a video is a great way to highlight your brand.

Avg Cost $450

Social Media Branded Graphics

Creating graphic design elements for placement in your social media with optional animation is another way to highlight your brand.

Avg Cost $2500

Drone Footage

Drones equipped with cameras add an interesting aerial perspective to your video that delights the viewer.

Avg Cost $300/hr

Video Strategy

Developing a plan on how and when to communicate your message and measuring its outcome is as just as important as your actual message.

Avg Cost $1000

Sometimes clients fail to examine the big picture of what they want a video to accomplish or how multiple video types of video can work together to further a message.  In fact, clients often see significant cost reduction and increased success when multiple deliverables are produced together.We can show you how to use the economies of scale, reduce your overall cost, and create a cohesive, compelling message for your video project or visual campaign. 

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