A few too many syllables, but we love a good Wizard of Oz reference.  And, what is the Wizard of Oz if not a great big, classic film mash-up of our experiential services? You’ve got Dorothy, transported via tornado to a brave new world.  She’s immersed in all the sights, sounds, and smells of Oz, […]

A flirty little name based on a simple concept.  “Anyone who teases you loves you.”   It’s an ancient line of thought, (allegedly an old Jewish proverb), and definitely something your mother said when you complained about the boy who pulled on your ponytail in second grade.  It’s what we did to our friends in high […]

August 29, 2019
3 Reasons Videos Fall Flat

We all wish for the perfect project… You know, the one with the unlimited budget, the super flexible timeline, the SEO ready-made narrative, the supportive staff who communicates well…  But, let’s be real, that scenario simply isn’t in the cards for most of us.  Tight budgets and deadlines are facts of life, and we must […]

A couple of weeks ago, we wrapped the first part of an ongoing project with eBay, a well-known powerhouse in the global marketplace and possibly a recent line in your browser history.  The online auction giant launched an economic initiative called the “Retail Revival” program, designed to empower local retailers with the tools and technology […]

    Thursday, August 17, 2017, Baton Rouge, La. – We’re excited to announce a major hire for the Launch Media team. After a long search, this month we welcomed Freddy Mince as Director of Photography.  Earlier this year, we set out to find a new team member to help us elevate the work we […]

Looking for job candidates who are a good fit for your organization? Recruiting videos can help you give interested candidates a taste of your company before they apply, resulting in a better fit and, in the long run, less turnover. In our latest ebook, we break down what makes a great HR video. Here are […]

What does your safety training program include? When my team talks to safety coordinators and training leaders, we often hear about manuals, long computer-based trainings, and meetings — a lot of meetings. All of those tools are useful, but we’ve found that video can really transform a safety program. Instead of hearing different messages from […]

Employer branding videos are a powerful tool when it comes to attracting and engaging quality candidates. After many years of working with companies to create standout employer branding videos, the Launch team has learned a few tips. Here are four things to keep in mind when you start working on your employer branding video. Be […]

Congratulations! Your company’s new video is ready to share with the world. You post it to YouTube, share it on Facebook, send a few tweets, and … wait. When you’ve finally made it through the process of developing a video concept, finalizing a script, planning a shoot and editing your material, it can be exciting to […]

Ever tried to argue a case using a spreadsheet? It’s not easy. A good presentation is as much about the message as it is about the data. In this post, Michael Trufant makes the case for data visualization.

  If you’re considering video or animated content to help articulate your message in 2017, Launch Creative Director Wes Kennison has some pro video tips for you. Wes has been planning, writing, directing, producing and editing video and animated content for 6 years. I asked Wes for his advice on approaching a video project, creating […]

  Last week, I shared a few of the most compelling stats I’ve found about video, and how video helps drive business results. Video is an overwhelmingly popular and effective tool, whether you’re a marketer, executive leader, corporate communications head, HR leader or safety manager. When you have an important message to communicate, your customers […]

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