Benefits of a Video Production Company: Why Outsource

January 16, 2020

As a full-service video production company in Baton Rouge, we are here to bolster your in-house team’s communication efforts and ensure that you accomplish your long term goals. We know you want to support your in-house communications team, and that means it might be a good idea to outsource video production.

Many companies have an in-house communications team that handles marketing and communications. They can oversee everything from sales to social media to graphic design. 

They’re a team of insiders who thoroughly know your brand and your company goals. And, they’re right there, all the time, on staff and ready to go. 

And, that kind of team is an incredible force of nature. Seriously, we have so much respect for busy teams who wear multiple hats to get the job done. 

But, just because that team can create and produce video content doesn’t mean it’s always the type of video content that your company needs. We don’t replace your in-house communications team. But, we’re here to provide a service that complements their strategies and furthers your goals. 

In-house video production isn’t always cost-effective 

With a full-service video production company, you’re getting the benefit of expertise and higher caliber product. It’s simple. We have all the equipment, talent, and time at our disposal to dedicate to your visual needs. 

With an in-house marketing and communications team, you’re getting the benefit of an insider and the perception of cost-effectiveness. 

But, it so often happens that you actually end up spending more in time for the learning curve with an in-house team. And, you’re simply not going to get the same caliber product. 

If complete outsourcing isn’t an option for you, consider identifying what specific needs and customized solutions a video production company can provide to support your project.

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While your in-house team might be capable of video content creation, they may not have the necessary bandwidth. 

After all, an in-house team already wears many hats. The cost of stretching their time on a project that demands talent, skill, and attention can prove to be too much of a detriment.

With a full-service video production company, you get the benefit of an entire staff dedicated to supporting your team’s vision without adding the bulk of the workload onto your team. 

We love working with in-house marketing and communications teams because they’re spunky. They have incredible responsibility, and that means they have to be self-starters. 

But, just because you’ve got an in-house team willing to learn doesn’t mean the magic simply happens. You still have to invest in their continued development. 

Ultimately, to produce a high quality product, your team has to be continually learning about the latest practices, technology, and approaches in video content creation. And, they’re already keeping up with the latest trends in how to market video content.

Why overwhelm them when you can outsource video production? 

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Outsourcing lets your team focus on your business, which means greater ROI for you 

Outsourcing video production can often help you achieve your short-term goals more quickly. That’s because we can focus on content creation while you focus on your business. 

Working on something of that caliber in-house eats up precious time your team needs to spend on daily tasks for the business. When your in-house team is spread too thin, the quality of their work suffers, as does their morale. 

We believe that it’s important to prioritize excellence, and you probably do too. And, that means investing in quality, whether that’s quality people or products or services. It’s going to deliver a greater ROI in the long run.  

And honestly, why wouldn’t you want to work with the experts? Digital marketing is so important. There’s more content out there than ever, and you can’t afford NOT to make a splash. 

So, you have to figure out who has the proven experience to deliver the results you need.

You know what that is? Growth.

Contact us to set up a meeting to discuss your 2020 goals and how we can use video to get them done.


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