Video is not a New Year’s Resolution

January 2, 2020

Video is not a New Year’s resolution. 

Woah! You think. Why would a video production company say that? 

Amy Pohler gasps

Because video isn’t a goal in itself. It’s a tool, albeit a very powerful one, to help you accomplish your goals and empower your company to achieve long term success.

But, just like video content creation, well-crafted New Year’s resolutions don’t happen overnight. Yet, the internets seem to say that they do. 

So, we’ve got a real bone to pick with the New Year’s resolution bandwagon. 

Yesterday may have been New Year’s Day, but today marks the real start of the year. Everyone is back at work, ready to shake off the holiday glitter and get back in the game. There’s a sense of renewed energy. A fresh focus. And, a bit of a scramble to get back on top of things and clear that email inbox.

Every thought leader and business is sending you lists of resolution inspiration. From health and fitness to workplace practices, there are hundreds of “goals” you can set as your resolutions for this year.  

Annual goal setting is a wonderful tool. It’s a re-centering, not something to rush through. And, it’s hardly something you can do well when you’re exhausted and drained from the holiday season.    

After all, what is a list of goals without a game plan? Without a well-thought out strategy? It’s a list of quickly abandoned resolutions. And, it’s an unnecessary mental setback on the renewed sense of focus we have the at the start of each year. 

So, don’t be afraid to pause. Reflect. Take stock of what you have, where you want to go, and why. 

We believe that in order to create a meaningful video, you need a comprehensive gameplan. You need a well-thought out process to produce excellent results. 

So, take your time. Dream big. And, when you have your list of resolutions, call us. Together, we’ll conquer your list of resolutions and launch your company into this new decade. 

In the meantime, we’d love for you to join us in reflection. Today, we’re keeping our heads down, diving deep into our work, and reflecting on where we want to be in 2021, and what we need to do in 2020. So, we’re sharing a few things we’ve been reading to shake off the holiday glitter and get back in the game. 

Thursday *feeling like a Monday* reads:

How to Set Goals in a Way that Helps You Accomplish Them

by Josh Spector

Think about this: How much more likely would you be to accomplish a goal if it was the only one you had for a given day, month, or year?” 

How To Simplify Your Day

by Josh Spector

“If you accomplish your three most important tasks for the day you’ve had an incredibly productive day…even if you do nothing else.It’s not the number of things you accomplish that matters, it’s the importance of them.” 

It’s 2020! Can You See Clearly Now?

by Steve Keating

“Try getting directions from Google Maps without inputting a starting point. It doesn’t work. Neither does making plans for the future without seeing clearly where you’re starting from.

Themes, Not Goals

by Brian Casel 

“We are in our natural state when thinking about the future, setting goals and making plans to reach them. But being so focused on future goals makes it hard, almost impossible, to stay in touch with the present.”” 

5 Common Habits That Sabotage Your Self-Control

by Elizabeth Millard 

“The more adapted you become to tapping into discipline, the more your mind will adjust to the new setpoints,” says Dr. David Greuner, head physician at NYC Surgical Associates, adding that much like your body begins to crave movement once you find a fitness regimen you love, your mind will start to want the buzz that comes from developing self-control.” 

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