20 Reasons Why You Need Video in Your 2020 Plan

January 1, 2020

Video is a pretty big deal, in case you hadn’t heard. As technologies develop and your target audiences become more savvy, the demand for video content isn’t just going to rise, it’s going to evolve. Your audiences don’t just want a visual experience, they want quality, entertainment, and clear communication. And, they want it fast. That means more pressure than ever.

Launch Media is here to work with your in-house communications team to support their content creation. We help you ensure that your company has a comprehensive strategy with tailored videos for your unique needs.

If you haven’t started planning your video production for 2020, now is certainly the time to start. Planning is so crucial to the success and value of your video. When everyone is creating content, you have to strategize what kind of content you need and choose wisely to fit your budget and your goals.

In case you or a decision-maker at your company isn’t convinced video is necessary to your success over the next decade, check out these stats to help make your case.

Stats for You

courtesy of zidivo

1. 85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands. (HubSpot)

2. 56% of consumers believe that a company should have video content on its website. (Forbes)

3. 78% of people watch online videos every week, and 55% view online videos every day. (HubSpot)

4. 6 out of 10 people would rather watch online videos than television. (Google)

5. After watching a branded video they enjoyed, 83% of consumers would consider sharing it with their friends. (Wyzowl)

6. Videos are shared 1200% more times than links and text combined. (Virtuets)

7. Video is expected to make up 82% of internet traffic by 2021. (Cisco)

8. 25% of companies publish videos every week. (Buffer)

9. 81% of businesses use video as a marketing tool — up from 63% over the last year. (Hubspot)

10. Digital video marketing is a $135 billion industry in the U.S. alone. (Forbes)

11. A website is 53 times more likely to reach the front page of Google if it includes video. (Insivia)

12. Video increases organic search traffic on a website by 157%. (Conversion XL)

13. Videos attract 300% more traffic and help to nurture leads. (MarketingSherpa)

14. Of businesses using video marketing, 76% reported an increase in traffic due to video. (Wyzowl)

15. 90% of users report that product videos are helpful in the decision process of the buyer’s journey. (Strategic-IC)

16. 97% of video marketers reported that video increased user understanding of a product or service, and 76% reported video helped them increase sales. (Wyzowl)

17. Businesses and marketers who used video ended up growing revenue 49% faster than non-video users in 2017. (Vidyard)

18. 95% of people have watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. (Wyzowl)

19. 59% of executives say they would rather watch a video than read text. (Wordstream)

20. 30-second ads have a 30% higher view-through rate (VTR) than 15-second ads. (Think with Google)



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