Thoughts from John: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

January 1, 2020

Between celebrating the new year and the holidays, time for reflection is a rare commodity. It’s important to remember where we’ve been before we charge ahead. So, we’re launching this new decade with a look back and where we resolve to go. 

Before Launch Media, we were GreenScreenTV. Almost 15 years ago, Michael Trufant and I founded GreenScreenTV through volunteer partnerships with over 50 Baton Rouge area nonprofits. We knew that to make an impact, we had to focus not only on a quality product, but on building strong relationships.

Baton Rouge received us with open arms and helped generate our early success. But, the funny thing about any industry is how quickly it changes. With new technology, gear prices dropped significantly, and suddenly everyone could be a video creator. 

In order to survive the emerging technologies that enabled mass video production, we had to rework our business model to reflect our creative expertise and the caliber of video content that our clients really needed. We needed to adapt to new challenges and evolve with the needs of our clients. Because while video content is inherently valuable, content alone is not enough. Strategy and specialized visual solutions are integral.  

In 2009, Launch Media came to life, first in the Celtic Media Center and then in the heart of Downtown Baton Rouge in the Creative Bloc. In each home, we worked with our clients and their in-house communication teams to develop visual content that furthered their goals. We pushed them to take a more strategic approach and consider choosing content that was best for their needs, rather than our bottom line. Ultimately, our goal is to best serve your goals, and that means creating the video content that will give you the greatest ROI. 

We’ve transformed into a full-service, solutions-based multimedia production company that specializes in creating visual communication solutions. But, those years haven’t been without their challenges. We weathered the physical and financial devastation of the 2016 flood, along with many of our clients. We said goodbye to many of our longtime employees as they continued their professional journeys in Louisiana and beyond. But, we’ve also learned how to be resilient and tenacious. And, we’ve learned the importance of holding fast to our values through. We’re excited for the opportunities that await us in 2020. And, we hope some of you join us for the ride.

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