Behind the Scenes

Want to know the story behind the story? 

Can you actually ‘fix that in post’?

How much confetti does it take to fill up a leaf blower? 

What speed do you drive when following a group of cyclists down a bridge? 


Behind the Scenes (BTS) videos capture everything that occurs off camera on the set of a video production. A BTS video offers a unique perspective on the effort, energy, and ethos of a video production crew. It allows us to provide our audiences with a greater appreciation and deeper understanding of exactly what we do. 

Behind the Scenes videos lets you put a face to the name and get to know the people who produce all the videos here at Launch Media. Our polished company highlights and emotionally charged nonprofits features are meant to convey the gravitas of a video’s message. And, while the execution of those grandiose shots is often serious and complex, those moments are often accompanied by laughter, spontaneity, and a lot of heart. 


Behind the Scenes of Unexpected

In our first installment of the BTS series, Taylor, Ari, and Chris discuss the making of Unexpected, the eco-tourism marketing campaign created for West Feliciana Parish. Chris shares why the people made all the difference in the nature of the spot and the creation of the message. And, Ari explains how the crew captured the shot of the cyclists riding through the woods and down the bridge.

Click here to learn more about Unexpected at our project page. 

Behind the Scenes of Insect Allies

In our second installment of the BTS series, Taylor and Chris reflect on the unique level of information gathering required throughout the production of this project to accurately convey the goals of the Insect Allies program. They discuss how Launch Media worked to find the right balance of creatively telling the story and distilling the science in a way that was accurate and understandable.

Click here to learn more about Insect Allies at our project page. 

A Closer Look at the Making of the Reel

In our third installment of the BTS series, Ari and Chris discuss the creative impetus behind the making of the 2022 reel. A reel is meant to showcase a company’s creativity, technique, and heart. Chris reflects on the inspiration for a creative concept and the time it takes to bring an idea to fruition. Ari comments on the process of shot selection and its relationship to a voiceover-driven video.

Click here to view the full reel at our portfolio page.

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