If your message fails to reach the right audience, it is ineffective.

How and when to communicate your message is just as important as your actual message, especially when the goal is to influence behavior or perceptions. Working with you, the subject matter expert (SME), we blend adult learning, marketing and communication principles to develop a strategic action plan that begins with the big picture before attending to details. And we help anticipate and address any potential gaps between communication objectives and how content is delivered.

No matter how great your message is, it has to reach the right people to be effective.

Our team helps you go beyond typical distribution methods, such as social media and your website. With support from our strategic partners we work to give you the ability to deliver, track, and measure your visual communications using a range of media options – from branded live streaming and digital displays to interactive kiosks and video content management systems.

Here are a few services we offer.

  • Digital Signage & Displays
  • Enterprise Audio/Video Consulting
  • Interactive Screens & Kiosks
  • 3D PDFs
  • Social Media Optimized “Sharables”
  • HD Live Video Streaming
  • Industry Specific Foreign Language Translation


“Launch Media does more than just video work for our company. As part of each project, they help us to think strategically about our audience to ensure we are effectively delivering the right message. Among other things, this approach led us to find a solution to deliver live town hall meetings to our employees around the globe — a format that has proven very successful and beneficial for everyone.”  

— Ashley E. Mendoza, Senior Strategic Communications Manager -Albemarle Corp.

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