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Our expertise as an industrial video production company is unmatched in the Gulf South region. We’re experienced in producing visual media and communication solutions related to safety, training, recruitment and business development. As your experienced industrial production partner, our team is comfortable and experienced with the “job site” setting. Knowing that video is the most effective means of communicating with your workforce, we work alongside your project managers to craft a visual solution that’s right for your team or organization.

As experts in working alongside internal communications teams, management groups and HSE professionals, we know first-hand how critical it is for large organizations to maintain a consistent message and provide easy access to information, especially when the goal is to influence behavior or perceptions.

No matter how great your message is, it has to reach the right people to be effective. Our team helps you go beyond typical distribution methods, such as outdated newsletters or email. We give you the ability to deliver, track and measure your visual communication using a range of media options – from live streaming around the world and digital displays in break rooms to on-sight interactive kiosks and video content management systems.


Here are a few types of projects and area we support.
  • Overview & Company Culture
  • Recruiting & On-boarding
  • Leadership Messaging
  • Training & Instructional
  • Health, Safety and Environmental
  • Project & Workforce Recognition
  • Employee & Visitor Orientation
  • Content Distribution & Tracking
  • Performance Improvement
  • Risk Management & Compliance
  • Digital Displays & Signage
  • CAD to 3D Conversation
  • Industry Specific Foreign Language Translation


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With any safety program, there is not one single element that delivers ‘Goal Zero,’ but we would not have delivered the kind of world-class performance without commitment, knowledge and innovation on the weekly video productions.

- David Pendrey, Shell

The Crude Expansion Project News (CEPN) served several purposes ¬— bring a sense of awareness as well as educate the workforce on the job at hand. The weekly newscast was probably one of the most original and unique tools ever used at a construction site and the results were better than expected.

- Dwight Abshire, CB&I
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