Albemarle Highlight Video: From Potential to Possible


Director Wes Kennison

Producer Deirdre Peterson

Director of Photography - Chile Fred Mince

Director of Photography - North Carolina Fred Mince

Director of Photography - Nevada Abe Felix

Director of Photography - Australia Ian Batt

Director of Photography - China Charlie Pyles

Editor Wes Kennison

Motion Ryan Golden

Colorist Jonny Harn

Albemarle Highlight Video: From Potential to Possible


Albemarle is the industry leader in lithium and lithium derivatives, with company roots spanning the globe and a commitment to sustainability and diversity. Albemarle is creating products that revolutionize the way we consume energy. So, when they approached us to make a highlight video, we were pretty excited.     

A highlight video is standard fare for most businesses. In fact, it’s one of our most popular services. As a staple in digital communications strategy, a highlight is a short video to drive awareness about your brand or product by engaging your target audience with one or two key points. 

The power of a highlight video lies in the creative possibility that delivers those key points. How will your company mission support your key points? What assets will you use to emphasize those to your viewer? Where is the creative potential? 

Take a look at Albemarle’s highlight video.

One of our primary objectives for this video was to capture the scale of Albemarle’s operation. And, that meant filming on 3 continents at 6 different sites. Digital marketers use phrases like “global reach” all the time, but to actually visualize that kind of scale in video creates a greater sense of impact and understanding for the target audience.  

Encompassing their company mission, operations, and impact into a single highlight video was no small feat. It was important to think strategically about the target audience throughout each stage of production to ensure the right message emerged. 

Engaging with stakeholders was integral to identifying the right message to drive our video narrative. Backed by the idea “from potential to possible,” the Albemarle highlight video presents the sheer expanse of their global presence with an array of beautiful and authentic imagery. 

The music selection accentuates the poignant moments, emphasizing the scale of the operation while focusing on the people who make it happen and the communities supported by sustainability and outreach efforts. 

The result is a striking visualization of Albemarle’s scale, complexity, and impact.



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