3D Animation Product Highlight: Cook Compression


Creative Direction Taylor Stoma

Art Director Taylor Stoma

Producer Deirdre Peterson

3D Animation Product Highlight: Cook Compression

Cook Compression

Cook Compression and its parent company Dover Precision Components make compressors and valves for oil and gas operators. In more than 100 years of service to the gas compression industry, Cook Compression has pioneered technology developments in sealing, valves and materials and amassed unrivaled expertise. For this project, the company wanted to highlight its efforts in sustainable innovation and the environmental impact its products can make for clients. Our creative approach combined live action beauty shots with intricate 3D animation.

Our job was to illustrate how Cook/Dover achieved unparalleled expertise in compressor sealing design and materials. So, we used motion media to build animation from the ground up. 

After working with Cook and Dover in the past, our team’s familiarity with the company and the industry provided a foundation of trust on the project. We worked closely with the Cook/Dover engineers and marketing team to ensure the accuracy of our animations.

First, we needed to first establish the function of the compressor and valve details was correctly portrayed. In addition, we needed to communicate the company’s ability to reduce emissions in all facets of the oil and gas industry—upstream, midstream, and downstream.

The look, movement and speed of these precision components had to be exact. So, we worked tirelessly on the 3D animation edits to ensure the accuracy of the models and animation. 



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