Industrial Video Explainer: AST Bead Filters


Executive Producer John Jackson

Director/Producer/Copywriter Deirdre Peterson

DP Christopher Jeansonne

Grip/Gaffer Ari Ross

Animator/Editor Taylor Stoma

Industrial Video Explainer: AST Bead Filters

Industrial Technology Video: Working with AST Bead Filter Solutions

How do you best introduce a new technology in the industrial space? With a video, of course.

AST Bead Filter Solutions, known for their advanced aquaculture work over the years, had recently expanded into industrial, municipal, and agricultural wastewater services. AST contacted Launch Media to produce a short industrial video for their sales and marketing team. The video needed to be concise while effectively introducing their cutting-edge technology and services to potential clients and customers.

Production in Tyler, Texas

As part of the video production process, our team was responsible for capturing live action shots of the RCPG (Recirculating PolyGeyser) units in Tyler, Texas. These shots aimed to showcase the functionality and efficiency of the RCPG units, which play a crucial role in AST’s wastewater treatment solutions.

It was important to the client that this video offered a comprehensive understanding of the technology to the viewer. So, to enhance our visual storytelling, we also created animations to effectively illustrate the inner workings of the RCPG units and showcase all of the technological details.

Balancing Technical Detail with Brevity

One of the key challenges encountered during the project was striking the right balance between incorporating the necessary technical details and keeping the video concise. In our experience working with industrial clients, we always enjoy learning on the job as we work with passionate subject matter experts.

Working closely with the engineers at AST, who were keen to include every aspect of their technology, our team had to make strategic decisions to ensure the video remained engaging and within the desired duration of one minute. After a meticulous selection and review process in collaboration with the AST engineers, we were able to prioritize the most impactful content to ensure a captivating viewing experience for the audience while effectively conveying the core message.

This is a great example of how effective a blend of live action footage and animation can be. We are so proud of this creative collaboration, and the final video¬†successfully captured the essence of AST’s expertise and innovation,¬†leaving a lasting impression on the target audience.



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