Gala Goes Grease


Executive Producer John Jackson

Producer/AD Deirdre Peterson

Director/Camera Operator Chris Jeansonne

Audio/Grip/Cam Assist Ari Ross

Technical Director/Editor Taylor Stoma

Gala Goes Grease

Mary Bird Perkins Foundation

A Fundraising Virtual Event 

In 2021, we worked with the Mary Bird Perkins Foundation to produce promotional videos and a fundraising virtual event for their annual gala. We were excited to tackle this project with our longtime friends on the MBP Foundation team. And what better way to lift everyone’s spirits during the pandemic than a nostalgic theme from a beloved film: Grease.

Greasing the Wheels of Production

With all the creative potential of a Grease inspired Gala, we set to work with the MBP Foundation team. Launch Media produced several video assets for the Gala, from opening videos to sponsor commercials and in-show graphics.  In addition, we were in charge of producing the fundraising virtual event itself, coordinating all the technical aspects needed to execute a successful livestream. After months of planning, it was all hands on deck to produce the virtual event itself. 

Creative Collaboration 

While video production during Covid proved mostly challenging, the strange circumstances did sometimes provide a silver lining. And, our executive producer was able to acquire Playwright, CBS Reporter, and Baton Rouge native Jamie Wax as creative director for the event. Due to the pandemic, Wax’s Broadway show was on hold, and he was locked down in his hometown. Despite the unfortunate circumstances, the collaboration was a great experience. 

Virtual Event Challenges

Because we produced this project during Covid, we had to be careful in our production approach and maintain safety protocols to alleviate health concerns. Without a live audience, we had the opportunity to get everything perfect and make it engaging for the viewer. So, the creatives leaned into the Covid theme, and the result was a delightful and impactful fundraising virtual event.

Making an Impact

Gala Goes Grease raised over $356,00, which made a huge impact for patients and their families affected by cancer through Mary Bird Perkins – Our Lady of the Lake Cancer Center and Cancer Services.

Going Grease may have looked a little different than past events, like Gala Goes Global, but it proved to be just as special! People tuned in from all over as we traveled back in time to the 1950s on March 25, 2021! Guests enjoyed 50s classics, unique mission moments, witty dialogue, and overall a rockin’ good time! GREASE IS THE WORD!


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