Popular Service Additions

Popular Service Additions

Launch Media offers a variety of additions to enhance our video offerings, which you can explore below:


Adding captions to online video boosts SEO (search engine optimization) and allows more people to consume your content.

Avg cost: $175

Creative Concept & Design

When you need more than a script, a full concept with storyboards and design elements is one way to guarantee that yourcontent stands out and is memorable.

Avg cost $1750

Logo Animation

Adding motion to a logo or graphics within a video is a great way to highlight your brand.

Avg Cost $500

Social Media Branded Graphics

Creating graphic design elements for placement in your social media with optional animation is another way to highlight your brand.

Avg Cost $2750

Drone Footage

Drones equipped with cameras add an interesting aerial perspective to your video that delights the viewer.

Avg Cost $350/hr

Video Strategy

Developing a plan on how and when to communicate your message and measuring its outcome is as just as important as your actual message.

Avg Cost $1500

Sometimes clients fail to examine the big picture of what they want a video to accomplish or how multiple video types of video can work together to further a message.  In fact, clients often see significant cost reduction and increased success when multiple deliverables are produced together.We can show you how to use the economies of scale, reduce your overall cost, and create a cohesive, compelling message for your video project or visual campaign. 

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