Goal Zero! – Visual Communications Platform (VCP)


Producer Deirdre Peterson

Project Director John E. Jackson

Field Producer Dan Comiskey

Communication Director Donna Hendrix

Communications Advisor Honorine Hachey

Goal Zero! – Visual Communications Platform (VCP)

International Energy Company

Visual Communication Platform, or VCP, is an approach to Corporate Communication that uses consistent and frequent messaging with more reliance on or utilization of video as it’s primary medium. It is designed to support top-down messaging objectives allowing companies to send crucial and topical information (safety, risk mitigation, compliance, skill development) to qualified audiences in a timely fashion with the end goal to facilitate peer-to-peer communication that increases your employee’s awareness, participation, and company pride.

For Shell’s Carmon Creek News (CCN), the monthly ‘broadcast’ primarily focused on safety messaging but also covered project milestones, recognize employees and was a source of job site & company news.  The project was awarded the 2015 Chief Executive Office’s HSSE & SP Award in the category of Improving Performance in a global risk area.  This is one of the highest honors within our client’s global organization.

The following video is a compilation of produced clips from our 18 month project in Calgary, Canada as an embedded media partner creating monthly broadcast for the nearly 1000 onsite construction workforce.

To find out more about what a visual communications platform is, watch a short video. click here. For more information about these services please call John Jackson at 225/215.0906.

Carmon Creek News; Safety Day Message

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