Video Case Studies: How to Use Video to Meet Business Goals

January 24, 2017


Last week, I shared a few of the most compelling stats I’ve found about video, and how video helps drive business results. Video is an overwhelmingly popular and effective tool, whether you’re a marketer, executive leader, corporate communications head, HR leader or safety manager. When you have an important message to communicate, your customers and employees expect to see video.

2 Video Case Studies: Using Video to Drive Results

But how do organizations actually implement video into the bigger-picture business strategy? How do you turn video from a side project to an integral part of your 2017 plan?

Here are two examples of Launch clients who used video to drive specific, measurable business results.

River Road Coffees: Establish a Brand Presence

River Road Coffees is a family owned and operated Louisiana-based coffee company. They compete against some very big coffee brands, and are successful because of their rigorous devotion to making the best cup of coffee on the planet, and by offering personalized coffee delivery service to businesses and restaurants.

We produced a range of video assets to help them define their brand in terms that were true to what has made them successful, for playback on the web and in presentations. The main deliverable being a :60 second narrative that explored a range of personalized coffee experiences, in a funny and unique way. As an add on, we delivered seven :10 second vignettes which were pulled from the video content, to help them gain traction in brand awareness across their social media channels.

The results: River Road reached thousands of new customers and established its personality as a niche coffee brand in the regional market, devoted to roasting and delivering quality coffee to coffee lovers everywhere.

Click here for the full video.

A Global Energy Company: Improve Employee Safety

“Safety training” might make you say “zzz,” but when you’re in charge of thousands of employees at a major industrial company, safety is anything but boring. It’s everything.

We worked with leaders at a global energy company. Their goal: Improve employee safety through more effective worker engagement and participation.

We built a communication platform for a group of 12,000 employees and pushed out videos about the latest group news, current events and new safety information. We recognized specific employees for their achievements and featured interviews with employees from every part of the group. The videos felt like peer-to-peer communication, and leaders quickly saw an improvement in morale and engagement. Safety numbers improved shortly after the video platform launched, and the team went on to use the same strategy to win the company’s global award for best communication program.

The company could have just written paper handbooks, but leaders chose to invest in video as a way to get employees engaged and involved in their own safety. It worked.

How could you use video to supercharge your 2017 plans? If you’re looking for ideas, we’d love to help. Check out our project archive for inspiration or get in touch to schedule a free 30-minute consultation.


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