Louisiana Business and Industry Show


Director John Jackson

Producer Chris Jeansonne

Camera Operator Caleb Michaelson

Editor Nick Savides

Louisiana Business and Industry Show

Louisiana Business and Industry Show

The Louisiana Business and Industry Show features high profile business and governmental leaders sharing critical information about Louisiana businesses, growth, economic development and impact, technology, innovation, workforce development, and governments’ impact on business activity.

However, the 7th season of LBIS began at the start of a tumultuous spring. With the outbreak of the coronavirus, the show took a pause, airing reruns in the initial weeks of stay-at-home orders.

The pandemic brought about extreme economic uncertainty and major public health challenges. And, Tim Johnson, founder and president of the TJC Group and host of LBIS, knew that the show could provide much needed information and trusted opinions to help businesses navigate the complexities of work in a COVID-19 world.

So, LBIS TV started back as the first studio production under social distancing at Creative Bloc. Our crew worked diligently with Johnson and the various guests to ensure that all health and safety protocol was properly followed. 

Our crew keeps a tight weekly production schedule for LBIS, shooting on a Tuesday, editing post-production over two days, and sending the final product to all network affiliates on Friday mornings.

LBIS TV appears statewide on 7 network affiliates and reaches more than 1.5 million homes. The YouTube version of the show directly reaches the email inboxes of over 1,000 industry and governmental leaders each week. 










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