Cancer Care Campaign with Mary Bird Perkins


Director Chris Jeansonne

Producer Deirdre Peterson

Cancer Care Campaign with Mary Bird Perkins

Cancer Care Campaign with Mary Bird Perkins

Special Care for a Healthcare Video Campaign

From physician vignettes to fundraising events, our team has produced several projects for our incredible friends at Mary Bird Perkins. Working in the healthcare space requires a special kind of creative diligence. It’s our goal to create content that communicates company vision while highlighting the unique experiences of the physicians and their patients. When dealing with emotional topics like cancer, it’s important to balance the storytelling process with the marketing goals for a healthcare video.

Our team was excited to work with the Gonzales Area Foundation (GAF) to produce an advertising campaign highlighting its support of the Gonzales Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and its tremendous benefit to the community.

The Message: Care and Community

Told from three different perspectives, the campaign consists of five spots, including four 60 second spots and one 30 second spot. Each video highlights the fact that all money raised by GAF for cancer care stays in Gonzales to support the local patients in the community.

The commercials also highlight Mary Bird’s state-of-the-art facilities, allowing viewers an inside glimpse of the advanced machinery in action. In addition, we wanted to emphasize the expertise offered by the team of physicists and clinicians. To pull it all together, we showcased the testimonial of a local cancer survivor and a GAF founding member expressing their appreciation of Mary Bird’s support of the community.

Our Creative Approach

The interviews and many of the shots took place in very tight locations. So, Launch decided to utilize unique camera angles and lighting techniques. This created increased focus on the subject’s face and the eyes to convey the story. In some cases, we secured lights from the ceiling to provide more room in the tight space.

Shooting footage in any healthcare facility can prove to be a challenge. And, we had to take extra care shooting around radiation equipment. In addition, we worked hard to ensure that our schedule remained fluid, so the facility could continue to take care of patients. 

Our team is proud to have been a small help to the wonderful community taking care of cancer patients.



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