BREC Live Action Golf Commercials


Director Deirdre Peterson

Producer Chris Jeansonne

Director of Photography Brock Gomez

1st AC Dustin Wheeler

Editor/Animator Taylor Stoma

BREC Live Action Golf Commercials

BREC Golf Commercials

Working with BREC

For many years, our team at Launch Media has enjoyed working with BREC, the Baton Rouge Recreation and Parks Commission. We’ve produced several videos to showcase their history of service, beautification efforts, and family programs in our Baton Rouge community. Five years ago, we shot the first commercials promoting the BREC golf courses. And, the team at BREC was in need of new live action videos for their marketing campaign. The live action videos needed to highlight BREC’s improved courses, tournament level playing experiences, and improved maintenance in each course location. 

Maximizing the Budget

With a limited budget, our team had two full days to shoot new footage for the live action marketing video. But, this included travel times to courses located all over East Baton Rouge parish. In addition, finding talent to work within the budget and shoot in the middle of the day also proved to be a challenge. 

When dealing with a tight budget, detailed pre-production planning creates the best solutions. Good preparation allows us to maximize existing resources and contacts and anticipate logistical hurdles.

Showcasing the Beauty

To make the spots unique, we incorporated drone footage to provide a bird’s eye view of the beautiful courses. In addition, we created special “match shots” of different size and shaped people in various backgrounds following through on a drive.

This technique—used in two of the spots—called for precision framing and exact measurement of the distance from the lens to the subject and our ability to make sure our focal lengths all matched so the shot looked seamless. See if you can recognize the two match shots!



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