70: An Oral History of BREC


Executive Producer John Jackson

Creative Director Wes Kennison

Producer Deirdre Peterson

Co-Producer Chris Brooks

Director of Photography Eric Hutchison

Camera Brandon Maher

Editor Matt Hathcox

Animation Ryan Golden

70: An Oral History of BREC

70: An Oral History of BREC

Whether you want to take a walk in the park on a warm, Sunday afternoon or whether you want to take part in a vibrant community event, BREC offers countless opportunities to celebrate the natural environment and sense of community in East Baton Rouge Parish.  If you live here, BREC needs no introduction.  Boasting more than 180 parks housing a vast array of facilities with everything from an observatory to an equestrian park to an accredited zoo, they’ve made a lasting mark on the East Baton Rouge community.   

In 2016, BREC approached us with a big idea to commemorate their 70th anniversary.  They wanted to create a documentary that detailed the unique stories of BREC’s history and its impact on the Baton Rouge community.  

The resulting half-hour documentary features interviews and stories about the evolution of BREC throughout its 7 decade history.  We explore how it was shaped by everything from the Civil Rights era to disaster recovery.  The documentary premiered at BREC’s 70th Anniversary Celebratory event.


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