Selections Made for 10th Anniversary Gift

July 4, 2015

In February, Launch Media proudly recognized its 10 year anniversary. To celebrate this milestone, Launch Media, in partnership with LANO, wanted to collaborate with nonprofit organizations in our state. Video has proven to be an invaluable tool for nonprofits communicating their mission and their organization’s impact.

Two very deserving organizations have been selected for this giveaway, the Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center and the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. Launch Media firmly believes in the mission’s of both of these nonprofit organizations, which was the basis behind our selections. CEO and founder of Launch Media, John Jackson, said, “With so many deserving applicants it was tough to narrow it down, but ultimately we felt that these organizations embodied what we were looking for in a nonprofit. They had a very strong need for our services,  and with this gift they could bring a lot of good to our community.”

The Baton Rouge Crisis Intervention Center, or BRCIC, strives to reduce emotional distress that can lead to destructive behaviors, especially suicide, for those experiencing a crisis, and to advance the field of crisis prevention through early intervention and postvention. A professional video would show the benefits of partnering with an established, internationally known, Crisis Center and allow their organization to generate sustainability outside of traditional existing fundraising.

“The Crisis Intervention Center is appreciative of the opportunity to work with Launch Media to visually communicate the Crisis Center’s value along the mental health and behavioral health continuum of care in our community. For the last 45 years in this community, the Crisis Center has helped reduce emotional distress for those experiencing a crisis, and with this video production, we look forward to helping even more. Thank you again Launch Media for your support in the community,” said Executive Director Norma Rutledge.

The second recipient, Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities, or LEH, places their focus on providing all Louisianians with access to and an appreciation of their own rich, shared and diverse cultural heritage. With the help of video, they hope to further educate Louisianans about the power, genius and meaning lying latent in our focal construct: the Humanities. They will use this gift to communicate to Louisiana’s populace that the transformative force of the Humanities is available to all.

“We are thrilled and honored to receive this grant from Launch Media. This will enhance our ability to educate Louisianans about the power, genius and meaning of the humanities,” said President/Executive Director Miranda Restovic.

John Jackson has led his business under the auspice that progress in our community and state depends on our for-profit and nonprofit sectors working together. Jackson’s love for the Baton Rouge Area coincides with the hard work he sees being tackled by our nonprofits throughout the city. Local support for Launch is inspiring, especially since the downtown opening of the Creative Bloc (a 11,500 square-foot collaborative workspace for visual and creative professionals) and this project is just a small thank you for the support we have seen and for the big impact our nonprofits have on our community. Further, John’s roots in Lake Charles and his wife’s roots in New Orleans inspired him to extend this opportunity state wide. We are very proud to play a part in the work these non-profits can do for our community.

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