Training Video Series: LHA Mental Health Technicians


Executive Producer John Jackson

Producer/Casting Deirdre Peterson

DP Christopher Jeansonne

Grip/Gaffer Ari Ross

Audio/Animator/Editor Taylor Stoma

Training Video Series: LHA Mental Health Technicians

LHA Trust Funds

Training Videos for Mental Health Technicians

In collaboration with BBR Creative as the lead agency, we worked with LHA Trust Funds to produce an educational training video series for Mental Health Technicians. The goal of the training video was to help healthcare organizations improve workplace safety by reinforcing the skills their staff members have learned to stay safe on the job.

Collaborating with BBR Creative

The Launch Media team designed and built a set inside the Creative Bloc office space to resemble a modern clinical environment. In addition, our team was in charge of casting an on-camera host to present 5 long-form scripts for the training videos for Mental Health Technicians. 

BBR Creative created the video scripts, storyboards, and graphics. Then, our team coordinated production and finalized the edits and graphic animations in the post production process. Like on past projects, we had a great time collaborating with the dynamic team at BBR Creative who always bring a fresh perspective to everything they do.

Meeting Budget Challenges

Because the training video called for on-screen talent, we were faced with a budget challenge. We needed to find the right fit for our on-screen talent, while also ensuring that the budget provided for a buyout/perpetuity capacity. This can often be more expensive than clients expect, so it’s important to utilize our network of connections. Luckily, we work with a great roster of actors, and we were able to find the right fit.






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