Together We Triumph: Mary Bird Perkins


Executive Producer John Jackson

Producer/AD Deirdre Peterson

Editor Taylor Stoma

Together We Triumph: Mary Bird Perkins

Mary Bird Perkins

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center sought to refresh their creative campaign Together We Triumph to improve brand awareness and connect with target markets. With SASSO as the lead creative agency on this project, Launch Media joined the project to film and deliver video production assets. SASSO handled the script and campaign deliverables/media buys, while Launch Media managed casting, pre-production scheduling, location scouting, crew, equipment, and post-production. 

Together We Triumph is a visual story of the patient journey at Mary Bird Perkins, highlighting the interactions of healthcare providers and caregivers with their patients. Because we were shooting at Mary Bird Perkins in Baton Rouge, we were able to follow real care teams to capture and display a more authentic understanding of patient experience with physicians and the technology offered at MBP. The viewer isn’t just watching actors. They’re watching real doctors, caregivers, and nurses who agreed to be part of the video.   

Our longtime relationship with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center provided us with a thorough understanding of the logistics required to schedule production in a working hospital. We had one production day to film content for the entire campaign, which is a challenge in itself, not to mention the added layer of filming in an active hospital. 

After a jam packed day, we captured all of the content needed for an incredible video thanks to an excellent team and great talent. The result is a :60 second spot that served as the foundation of the creative campaign, with smaller spots and print messaging managed by SASSO. 


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