People, People


Director/Writer Wes Kennison

Producer Wes Kennison

Director of Photography Dave Coner

Editor Taylor Stoma

Motion Designers Ryan Golden, John LaPrime, and Taylor Stoma

Compositing/VFX Jonny Harn

Colorist Jonny Harn

People, People

People, People

When your company actually embodies its mission statement, it practices a tangible sense of authenticity.  And, that authenticity provides a platform for really powerful creative possibility.   

In early summer, Assurance Financial tasked us with creating a brand anthem video that would capture the unique essence of their commitment to the people inside and outside of their company.  Their mission statement?  “We serve the people in our local communities by enabling them to buy the home of their dreams.”

But, how do you explain what makes a mortgage loan finance company different?  How do you make it engaging?  It’s simple.  It’s about explaining WHO is doing the mortgage.  It’s about the people. 

Originally conceptualized as an interview-driven piece, “People-people” morphed into a blast of company personality with lively visuals and a deep dive into the human aspect of AF’s company culture.  The final result is an easily-digestible explanation of services packaged in a joyful presentation of company spirit, humor, and customer service approach.  

We are incredibly proud of the creative energy that went into this video from the wonderful folks at Assurance Financial and our team here at Launch Media.  A special thank you to the Baton Rouge Business Report for letting us shoot in your space! 







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