Life Happens at The Water’s Edge


Director Chris Brooks

Producer Deirdre Peterson

Director of Photography Freddy Mince

Audio Tech Benjamin Moore

Editor Jordan Peck

Graphics/Animation Ryan Golden

Life Happens at The Water’s Edge

The Water Institute of The Gulf

In 2018, the team at The Water Institute of The Gulf (TWIG) approached Launch Media to create a video that would explain the organization and provide information to stakeholders and the general public on what exactly was happening at this facility. 

People in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast understand coastal erosion and the effects of climate change. After Hurricanes Katrina and Rita, leaders in the community studied water restoration around the world and determined that an independent research facility was necessary. That facility is The Water Institute. 

This project is interview-driven, with company leaders explaining their passion for water restoration and the importance of applied research for communities living near the coast. Staff members are seen researching and testing new technology. Sweeping aerial shots of the Lousiana coastline and of The Water Campus provide a visual representation of the efforts at TWIG. 

In 2021, after company changes, the initial video was updated. Our team was able to capture new audio and visuals that reflected The Water Institute while maintaining the tone and original essence of their work. 

To learn more about The Water Institute of the Gulf, head over to their website. 

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Life Happens at The Water's Edge

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