It’s Just That Fast


Agency Launch Media

Writer/Director Wes Kennison

Director of Photography Abe Felix

Associate Producer Cat Miguez

Editor Wes Kennison

Motion Design Ryan Golden

Color/Composite Ryan Golden

Sound Design Wes Kennison

It’s Just That Fast

Louisiana Department of Insurance

Our long time client came to us with a request to challenge the general public’s notions of how car burglary occurs. We came up with this simple and straightforward concept that took a literal approach to visualizing common conceptions that people have. An approach that, of course, involved breaking a window or two.

And while the client decided to take a straight forward route on this, noteworthy is the slightly riskier version that was pitched, which revolved around an animated talking purse being stolen and taken on an awful adventure before being safely returned. 

“We have not only been pleased but thoroughly impressed with the end result of projects produced by the Launch team. They’re true professionals who are able to take on complicated concepts and help visualize them in an effective and appealing way that maximizes impact on the audience.”
–Lleana Lidet, Louisiana Department of Insurance 

It's Just that Fast

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