Bring Your Best


Agency Launch Media

Concept/Director Eric Hutchison

Producer Deidre Peterson

Director of Photography Eric Hutchison

Camera Operations Abe Felix

Editor Eric Hutchison

Colorist Ryan Golden

Motion Design/Compositing Ryan Golden

Rotoscopting Elbow Grease Ryan Golden

Bring Your Best


Our client came to us with a very common need in the industrial space, Recruitment. Like many Industrial construction clients, finding the right people for the job can be a major challenge.

So we wanted to do something a bit different in the video, we wanted to capture the essence and pride that comes with being a skilled craftsperson. So we wrote a script that would acknowledge in very frank terms the challenges of the workplace, and pair them with the many benefits of choosing to work for our client.

Additionally, we composited supporting text into selected scenes that would provide affirmations to the audience.


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