The Next Chapter: Melara Enterprises Acquires Launch Media

December 19, 2023

Innovation is the cornerstone of any lasting business, yet the media industry demands a higher level of adaptation and forward-thinking to capitalize upon the constant technological advancement. Over the last few years, our world has witnessed swift, sweeping change that has transformed industry and demanded rigorous strategic reflection. At Launch Media, we found ourselves faced with both uncertainty and opportunity. 

We decided to leap forward onto the changing landscape to embrace a future that promised technological innovation, enhanced client experience, and renewed creative potential. In July 2023, Melara Enterprises acquired Launch Media, forging a new media partnership. 

Melara Enterprises’ reputation is well-known in Louisiana and beyond as a premier multimedia publishing company. Melara Enterprises seeks to forge connections, provide high-value news, and propel thoughtful discussion with its publications and programs. And, it is exactly this dynamism that makes Launch Media and Melara Enterprises a good match. We share the core belief that with a commitment to innovation, we hold the power to shape the media landscape. 

Armed with over 20 years of video production and motion media expertise, we come to the table with an aim to elevate the art of storytelling, branding, and content creation for Melara Enterprises and its clients. 

But, the real promise of this acquisition extends beyond innovation. It’s about enhancing the client experience. In a time when personalized solutions and exceptional customer service are pivotal (and few and far between), Melara Enterprises upholds a record of excellence, connecting clients with high value opportunities for growth that promote leadership development and community engagement. 

At its core, Launch Media has always been a small team. What began as a two man gig and an ambitious nonprofit video endeavor has grown, expanded, and redefined itself into a video production company with a passion for good storytelling. Our vision for the future is simple, yet ambitious. We want to continue doing the work we love, only better. With Melara Enterprises, we’re set to transform the media space with creative video production solutions that drive innovation and reach. 

Through this merger, we get to fuse our small-team agility with the wider resources and network of Melara Enterprises, enabling our clients to enjoy the familiarity and personalized approach of a small business experience with the support of a larger corporation. And, it enables us to expand our service offerings, delving deeper into the limitless potential of experiential services like augmented reality.  

Augmented reality (AR) is an experiential technology that superimposes digital elements, like motion graphics, animations, and 3D models onto the physical world. It adds a new dimension to video; and it presents an especially exciting opportunity for traditional media (like print) to move their audience into the digital space. With AR, we can provide an experience that strengthens audience engagement, increases data collection, and propels message impact. The possibilities are endless, with applications for nearly every sector from education to entertainment to industry. And, that’s just one area we hope to expand this year. 

What’s also remarkable is the personal growth and transformation represented in this acquisition. To me, it is the culmination of more than 20 years of guiding Launch Media through its many evolutions, meeting challenges with well-timed pivots, and always striving to create meaningful impact.

The realization that your professional journey has become akin to “Groundhog Day” is an experience that happens for many of us. When this happens, we have to step outside of our comfort zone to reignite curiosity and revitalize the way we approach work. 

As we enter this next phase in the Launch Media evolution with Melara Enterprises, we welcome the opportunity for rebirth. And, you can expect to witness a renewed sense of enthusiasm, creativity, and overall experience. 

This is more than an exciting business acquisition, it’s an opportunity for our story to expand beyond our current capacity and step into the unknown. More importantly, it’s an opportunity for you, our clients, our partners, and our supporters to envision your goals and be part of the next evolution in media and business. 

As we look to the new year, we invite you to join us.  Together we can craft something that creates a lasting impact. 

Stay tuned… 

John Jackson 


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