Meet Launch Media’s Editor: Taylor Stoma

March 27, 2020

Do you have any exciting news to share?

Yeah! I’m releasing an album next Friday! And, I’m releasing a music video today. 

The name of my EP is “Stoma.” It’s going to be on all platforms – spotify, amazon music, tidal, literally everything. Shazam. Tik Tok. Next Friday – April 3rd. 

Check out the music video here. Pretty dope. 

Best Takeout Food?

Absolutely Serops. Or just Mediterranean in general.  

Hummus gif

What’s the first thing you notice about a video? 

In terms of an edit, the first thing I notice is timing, right? There’s only a certain level of intellect to get timing right. The rest of it has to be feeling. 

Anyone knows whether something feels right or wrong. So, I think disconnecting from overthinking as an editor and just being a fan or a spectator is pretty important. 

Do you read reviews about a movie before deciding whether to watch it or not?

Hell no. 

What’s the most important part of your creative process? 

Getting to know the footage intimately. That’s it. 

What would your job look like without the internet? 

I would have a very different life. I wouldn’t be able to work at the same speed that I work at now.

Just finding the information that I need – I mean I google something almost every single day when it comes to working. Whether it be how to do something that I’ve never done before or finding a better way to do it. Without the internet I’d have to go to the library or already have an archive of books on each program. 

Obviously the internet has been around for over 20 years, but even growing up, before Youtube, the library was my biggest way to get information. It was buying “how to” books for AfterEffects or Premiere.

And, there’s something to be said for having a physical copy of something. It feels a little more imperative. Like if you buy it, you’re going to feel more inclined to actually finish it and absorb it. Whereas I think with the internet generation, information is coming in and out, so unless you do it everyday or you do something 3 or 4 times in a row, you’re not – or me personally, I’m not – absorbing what I’m looking up. 

So, it’s not just the application of the things I learn offline, but it’s focusing on coming up with ways that make it easier to remember. 

Without the internet, yeah, my workflow would be much slower. 

Favorite pizza topping? 

I’m a simple ass dude. It’s pepperoni. You can put that in quotes. 

Pizza gif

Do you believe in originality? 

Yes, but we all steal. Everybody steals. 

We may all have similar concepts, ideas, images, sounds, but nobody is exactly you. No one’s neurons are forming in the exact same way that equal an output that is exactly you. Nobody else, that’s just you. So anything spawned by that brain is completely separate from anything else. 

How is working from home going? 

It’s wonderful. I love it. I did freelance at one point for awhile, but I didn’t have nearly the self-discipline and the structure that I have now. But, having been in the workplace, I’m definitely in the flow of keeping myself in check and actually quite enjoy things to keep me busy. It’s very much a comfortable environment. 

The one thing I have to keep in check is separating work from home. Especially since my “office” is in my bedroom. So, once I’m done working I have to completely shut off my work brain and consider my computer another tool for my personal projects. 


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