Stay Sane While You Stay Home: 6 Tips

April 21, 2020

Can you believe this is week 6 of the stay at home order? Neither can we. Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed or fairly content, we’ve got some ideas to brighten up your days at home.  

Here’s 6 tips to keep you sane while we continue the #StayAtHome life. 

1. Have a one-song dance party every hour, on the hour. 

Take a break from work or your distance learning lesson, or even your Netflix binging spiral. Get up and get your blood pumping! Play everything from Taylor Swift to Leon Bridges to Bon Jovi to J Lo. Learn a TikTok dance with your kids, and get moving! Better yet, suggest it as an opener for your next zoom meeting.

the office dancing gif

2. Dress fancy for dinner. 

Like Downton Abbey fancy. Bonus points if you have a feather boa. Maybe even actual costumes! Yes, we know that creates extra laundry. But, it makes dinner feel a little more like an event. Pro-tip: ixnay the lights and light some candles. Get into character. It’s 1920!

I'd like to see things done properly gif downton abbey

3. Read what you want.

Don’t let people peer pressure you into reading depressing, classic literature. Life is short, and you do not have the time to read everything. Do you really want to read The Brothers Karamazov? …so, please read a predictable mystery, comic, or romance if you prefer! Seriously, you get points for reading.


4. Make spaghetti tacos.

See this Buzzfeed video. Honestly, it looks kinda good, right? Your kids will be into it. They’ll probably tell the story of the time they had spaghetti tacos during quarantine to their grandkids one day.

5. Create a handshake to do with your kids or partner or yourself in the mirror. 

This needs no explanation. A classic.

6. Read a book for every show you binge watch. #Balance.

We keep reading all these tips that joke around and essentially advise everyone to just chill out, binge out, and become a couch potato. And, while we need some evenings like that certainly. But, we can also challenge ourselves to live in balance while we stay at home.

You are doing great! The unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

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