Why Your 2020 Goals Aren’t A Bust

December 1, 2020


This month, our focus is on Kindness. This week’s blog is a reminder to treat yourself with kindness, especially when you consider your 2020 goals.

Think back to this: It’s December 2019. The new year is impending  and you’re pondering on everything you want to accomplish. Perhaps you’re considering your next big career move or maybe there’s a fitness goal you want to achieve. You jot down your goals, put them up where you can see them and now you’re feeling motivated. 

Now fast forward to the present day. Any check marks next to those goals? Before you beat yourself up about all the things you haven’t done, let’s reflect. To put it plainly, this year required enormous flexibility. Society changed on a daily basis and the world looks much different than it did a year ago. While you may not have checked everything (or anything) off your goal list for 2020 doesn’t mean you have to toss all your effort into the garbage. Here are three things to bear in mind as you go decide your updated goals for the year. 


It’s always a good idea to be efficient and streamline things, especially when it comes to your goals. Consider what is still important to you at this point. Reflect on who you are now and what you want to accomplish. Is there anything that no longer makes sense for you or who you want to be in the future? For example, many people have found themselves in different jobs, so professional development looks different. Instead of needing to learn Adobe Photoshop, they’re brushing up on Microsoft Word. Before slashing an outdated or irrelevant goal, decide if there’s still room for it on your list.  

Align those 2021 goals to what’s relevant for you and get read to overhaul the entire list. 



At this point, you’ve parsed down your list and kept only what will work for you. Now it’s time to revamp your 2020 goals into effective goals for the new year.

Remember, defining your goals is very important. It’s not enough to decide where you want to go. Creating effective goals means figuring out the what, how and when, and you can use the SMART method to do it. Are your goals specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound? Following these guidelines creates actionable goals that can be checked off your 2021 list. 

Yes, a SMART goal is a clever acronym, but it’s also important criteria for developing a clear focus toward your future.  SMART goals will require more than just a paragraph, but these resources from the University of Massachusetts  and the University of California will offer some insight. 

Let’s move on to the final part. 


Once you’ve decided on what goals will move into the new year with you, how can you be more accountable? Antoine de Saint-Exupéry said, “A goal without a plan is just a wish.” 

Now that you’ve armed yourself with your updated goals for the new year, accountability is just as important. Keep your goals visible, and consider enlisting a colleague to hold you accountable as well. This could be a supervisor or a peer who understands where you want to be and encourages you on your journey. This way, you can come out of 2020 stronger than ever. Use your updated goals and your support system to rebound and spring into a new year. 


As you prepare for the new year, take time to reflect on, and then repurpose what goals can and should be accomplished. Being cognizant of your goals is incredibly important. Over time, each small step you take will add up to completed goals. Here at Launch, the team meets weekly to discuss project goals and how to support one another. This way, no goal gets left behind. Need a little extra help narrowing down your company goals? Let the team here at Launch show you how we fit into your vision and help you hit those milestones even sooner.

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