What Sets Our Healthcare Videos Apart

February 3, 2021

Over the years, Launch Media has had the privilege of working with amazing healthcare providers in Baton Rouge and the surrounding areas. From Mary Bird Perkins to Our Lady of Angels, we’ve partnered with hospitals and healthcare providers to create campaigns that share the journey to client triumphs. Real people and real emotions are involved and our team strives to showcase this. Year after year, our clients hire us to tell stories and there’s an explanation for this. While our creative approach may be different, the values we bring to each are the same. Here are three reasons why our healthcare clients keep coming back. 


Each person who seeks specialized healthcare is different. While the diagnosis may be the same, the care will not be. When our team approaches healthcare projects, we want to highlight that patient uniqueness in everything we do. Recently, we partnered with Mary Bird Perkins to illustrate how everyone’s story is different, which means everyone’s treatment should be, too. Conquering Differently highlights specific client journeys and the different treatment and care they’ve received. We honor their journeys by showcasing those differences with uniqueness and honesty, which is also important to our clients.  


In every patient testimonial, our goal is to share how real people feel about the care they’re receiving. Honesty is important to us and it’s essential to future clients as well. Rather than using actors or scripted stories, we use real patients. You may see your neighbor in one of our campaigns, telling their cancer story, because we’re committed to sharing real stories. Their paths are personal and their opinions highlight their own experiences. By honoring each individual journey, you can begin to see the group as a whole and how everyone has a part to play in their community. This brings us to our final reason. 

Sense of Community

Hospitals play an integral role in their community and our recent project with Our Lady of Angels – Bougalousa points to this. The hospital is more than just a building that treats an ailment; these are real people, providing holistic and compassionate care. This sense of community is what powers the doctors and nurses to offer the best care to their patients. That includes showing up to local high school football games and providing care to those who may not be able to afford it. We create that same level of trust with our own clients. When a client hires us, they join our community. We value the relationships we have with our clients and they know what to expect each time we work together. 

The values we bring in each project explains why our clients come back to work with us year after year. We’ve curated an experienced team that has devoted themselves to learning the ins and outs of healthcare service and technology. Capturing quality moments and highlighting diverse experiences is apart of our brand. If you are seeking a community, with experienced, exciting creatives, we’re ready to welcome you

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