Water Safety on Set

May 26, 2021

Summer means spending more time exploring the great outdoors. There is swimming and camping, and lots of barbecues. As many people venture outside, summer also means more outside productions. It’s important to protect equipment and people, as filming happens outside. Water safety is important at the pool, but also on the lake or the gulf coast. Our team has experience filming productions near bodies of water, so we’re sharing helpful tips to prevent any expensive (or dangerous!) accidents! 


Most people enjoy a quick swim, but the same cannot be said for equipment. Our contractor, Brock, recommends protecting any gear with waterproof cases for cameras and lenses, and with dry bags for soft items, like clothing and food. Also, don’t neglect team members! Prevent drowning by having life preservers and vests readily available. A major bonus tip is to sunscreen! Protect any exposed skin with SPF 50 or better, and remember to reapply.


All productions require excellent communication, but filming near water adds an extra, but necessary, layer. Crew members need to be able to clearly communicate with each other with no disruptions. Take the time to practice with any walk-talkies or phones before crew members separate. It would be incredibly frustrating to find out that devices aren’t working when those boats go their different ways. In addition to planning for communication, team members need to plan for their surroundings. Mother Nature isn’t always predictable, so practice situational awareness. No one wants to accidentally step on wildlife or fall off the boat when an unexpected wave hits. All crew members should keep their safety, and the safety of those around them, on the brain.


Before getting onto a boat or moving from one area to another to film, take a few minutes to pause and make sure all the necessary items are packed to go. An equipment checklist would be a great asset as well.  It would be an absolute waste of time and energy to be a half-day into filming and a camera battery dies or the memory cards are full. Have back up (and back up for the back up) to keep the production, and the boat, sailing smoothly.

Filming over water doesn’t have to be a headache or include ruined equipment. If your company has dreams of gorgeous aerial shots over the gulf coast or any body of water, our crew is ready for action!

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