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With innovation and the use of new technologies, the ways to communicate your message will seem endless.

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Launch Media is a solutions-based visual media company located in Downtown Baton Rouge. We specialize in producing video, motion media and experiential content. We are creative problemsolvers that work alongside your SMEs so we can approach each project with a full understanding of how to obtain your goals and objectives through effective visual execution.

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Video Reaches People. Video WORKS.

Wouldn’t YOU rather watch a video about a topic then read an article?

It is critical for organizations to maintain a consistent message that is easily accessible by the intended audience, especially when the goal is to influence behavior. What better, easier, way to convey your message than with video? And there are many ways to approach video.

Even simple data visualization to educate key stakeholders and consumers, can be upgraded to use projection mapping to wow an audience or creating a 360 or virtual reality (VR) immersive experience that transports your customer to another place.

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