Thoughts from John: How Can We Respond?

April 8, 2020

“You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.” 

William Faulkner

I don’t need to recount the events of the past few weeks to you. We have all had no choice but to swim from the shore and forge a new course. 

Where do we go from here? What innovation awaits this massive disruption? 

April is the national month of hope, and it couldn’t be more fitting. Now, more than ever, we can look to the future to see how drastic change can shake up our routines and trigger inspiration. 

We have not arrived at armageddon. We are at the precipice of incredible opportunity. 

If you think this is fluff, just look around, watch, and read. 

School districts across America have rallied and developed a massive infrastructure of online learning content in a fraction of the time that would normally take. I’m proud to say we’ve been a part of that online learning content, and we’ve produced and distributed three grades of video content with Great Minds for their PhD Science program. 

Businesses have streamlined their workflows, welcoming the solutions of remote work. It turns out, so many meetings could have been an email. 

Communities have adapted and displayed remarkable compassion toward their neighbors. Grocers designated special hours to assist at-risk, elderly populations, so they could have a safe grocery run. 

And, our healthcare workers have served all of us so well. They continue in the face of personal risk, exhaustion, confusion, and overwhelming lack of consideration from many who did not take COVID-19 seriously. 

Here at Launch Media, we are privileged with our continued opportunities to serve our clients with needed video content to support areas like crisis communication, online learning, human resources, and safety and training compliance. 

But, I don’t wish to minimize the difficulty that many still face. The threat of disease. The cutbacks in businesses. 

In the midst of uncertainty, you cannot miss the streams of hope bubbling up around us. People will not take this lying down. We will not sit at home and become paralyzed by the anxiety that permeates our news cycles. 

We will put our heads down and work hard. We will take advantage of this disruption to reexamine the system. And, we will get rid of what’s stale. 

As working from home becomes the new normal, we have an opportunity as businesses  to demonstrate leadership, improve communication, and empower our teams to work more efficiently. 

For this National Month of Hope, we want to share a campaign we did with Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center: Conquering Differently. As a revival of a 2016 campaign, the impetus behind the video series is even more salient today. 

Their approach to cancer treatment is about the power of the individual. It’s about the power of unique solutions, collaboration, and the hope that can drive us through something otherwise insurmountable. 

While our troubles are not comparable to cancer treatment, the call to fight is the same. We can all strive to conquer these challenges differently, to pave the way ahead, and forge a course out of what feels impossible.. 

It’s up to you to decide how to conquer the road ahead. And, we’re here to help. 

Gather your hope and your ideas, and let’s hunker down together to create something unprecedented. 

The future begins now. But, you have to have hope to make it happen.  


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