Virtual Reality

Enhance the experience.

Virtual reality (VR) is all about experiences. While many associate VR with gaming, there’s incredible potential for immersive video as a tool to aid or grow your business. You want to tell your story, but imagine if your audience could see ALL sides to the story.

If you can imagine it, we can build it. The most common applications include training, tutorials, and tours—but since entire worlds can be created, there are no limits. Everyone, everywhere can get on board. Viewers can experience the magic of VR on a phone or a tablet, in a browser, or on a headset.

See every side of the story

What’s the difference between 360 video and a complete virtual reality (VR) experience? Watch our short example. It moves the viewer from a simple 360 video application to a complete 3D VR environment. 

This video also uses composited stereoscopic graphics and an animated character to exhibit the endless possibilities that this new technology can bring to the communications landscape. Using your mouse or finger, click and drag to explore left, right, above, and below!

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