Visit Baton Rouge: We’re Ready


Executive Producer John Jackson

Producer/AD Deirdre Peterson

1st AC Chris Jeansonne

Grip/Cam Assist Ari Ross

Audio/Editor/Animator Taylor Stoma

Visit Baton Rouge: We’re Ready

Visit Baton Rouge

Breaking Down Our Collaboration with MESH 

In partnership with MESH as the agency, Launch Media worked with Visit Baton Rouge to develop and produce a Baton Rouge tourism video for the 2022 VBR campaign. Our team is well-acquainted with MESH, and we are excited to continue work together for Visit Baton Rouge with the ongoing series, Prepared for Company

For this project, MESH coordinated talent and production design, and Launch Media handled location scouting, scheduling logistics, video production, and post-production

Making the Baton Rouge Tourism Video 

The creative concept was simple. MESH wanted to highlight three cultural experiences unique to Baton Rouge: the local music scene, a crawfish boil, and the Spanish Town parade. However, this proved to be a challenge. The timeline for this project meant we were filming in August. And, if you’re from Louisiana, you know that August is not parade or crawfish season, and it’s always incredibly hot to boot. 

Production Challenges

To be successful, we needed to recreate big scenes in a way that honors the distinct feel of the actual experiences. The final effect cannot look staged. So, it was a huge group effort to cast and recruit enough people to make it look and feel like parade day in the Garden District. For our music scene, we had to pack in enough ‘concert attendees’ to make Chelsea’s venue look like a packed summer show… in the middle of the day on a Tuesday. Not to mention, we ended up filming on one of the hottest days of the summer, and despite the constant threat of an afternoon summer storm, we lucked out with a beautifully hot, but clear day. 

Callin’ Baton Rouge 

Despite the challenges of shooting outdoors in August, we were able to successfully recreate each experience in a way that felt authentic for the viewer. As a Baton Rouge small business, we understand what makes our city special, and we love working on projects like this with Visit Baton Rouge to help our city thrive. This campaign has received an Addy Award. 


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