Visit Baton Rouge: Prepared for Company


Director Chris Jeansonne

Producer Deirdre Peterson

Agency MESH

Visit Baton Rouge: Prepared for Company

Visit Baton Rouge: Prepared for Company

5 Part Baton Rouge Tourism Webisode Series

Visit Baton Rouge planned to launch a webisode campaign called “Prepared for Company” to promote tourism for Baton Rouge and Louisiana. We were thrilled to partner with the team at MESH agency and join the production for the first of five live action webisodes. The series will highlight the many unique activities, events, food, and culture that make Baton Rouge a special destination. 

Creating a Tone

The team at MESH envisioned something loose, fast-paced, and fun. A little reality show esque. But, since this was the first time Visit Baton Rouge had explored a hosted live action series, they trusted our team at Launch to go beyond our typical production skills and flex our creative muscle in developing the show. 

Launch cast local thought leaders and social impact engineers, Sherin Dawud and Raina Vallot, as the series hosts. The ladies’ effervescence and solid interview skills anchored the program while our creative team developed the format and flow to create a unique presentation. Since the pilot episode focuses primarily on the arts, the Arts Council of Baton Rouge hosted the first location.

The Pilot Episode

The pilot episode provided some creative challenges. We needed to create the title sequence from scratch to make it appear that all five episodes had already been shot. After some location scouting and planning for future webisode topics, we shot the ladies in numerous locations in different wardrobes. And, we used a creative window-pane visual to give the appearance of a title sequence assembled from all five episodes.

The first Visit Baton Rouge video for the webisode series turned out beautifully. Look out for the other four webisodes coming later this year!



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