Virtual Fishin’ Galore Tour


Director Christopher Jeansonne

DP Brock Gomez

Producer Christopher Jeansonne

Art Direction Christopher Jeansonne

Editor Christopher Jeansonne

Virtual Fishin’ Galore Tour

Dream Day Foundation

Each year, over one-hundred St. Jude patients and their families attend the Fishin’ Galore, a fun filled day of fishing, food,  and friendship. It’s a celebration of life, community, and laughter, and the team at Dream Day was not going to let the coronavirus stop its joy.

Our crew was proud to put on the first ever Virtual Fishin’ Galore Tour. Every virtual event is different, and we used a collection of pre-recorded videos to create their livestream virtual event. Interactivity and a sense of community was a top priority, so the Dream Day team created activities that could be done at home while engaging with the virtual livestream. And, attendees still got to see all the best parts of the Fishin’ Galore, like the petting zoo and volunteer messages.

The 2020 Virtual Fishin’ Galore Tour was a pre-recorded live stream comprised of videos produced on set in our studio and videos submitted from sponsors and past Fishin’ Galore participants. Our team edited each video submission together to play as though it was happening in real time.



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