BRAC: Think Bigger


Editor/Motion/Color Taylor Stoma

Art Director/Designer Vitalija Svencionyte

DOP/Producer Wes Kennison

Production/Post Launch Media

BRAC: Think Bigger

Baton Rouge Area Chamber

South Louisiana is a medley of flavors, cultures, and opportunities. And, Baton Rouge Area Chamber (BRAC) is here to celebrate that distinctive blend and encourage community innovation, economic development, and bold ambitions. 

BRAC is kicking off their five-year regional strategic plan, Think Bigger. Developed through stakeholder input, focused research, and a committee of local business leaders, Think Bigger embodies what the Baton Rouge region hopes to achieve to compete and prosper.  

BRAC asked Launch Media to create a video that highlighted these goals and captured the unique energy of the city. Thankfully, opportunities for vibrant content abound in Baton Rouge, and we thoroughly enjoyed this project. We used funky music and bold graphics to illustrate the unique energy of our community.  

The Baton Rouge area is truly exploding with accomplishment and opportunity, and we’re proud to be a small business here.



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