Scheduled Illness?


Creative/Concept/Script Revive Health Agency

Production/Post Launch Media

Director Wes Kennison

Producer Deirdre Peterson

Director of Photography Frederick Mince

Editor/Finish Jordan Peck

Colorist Monica Escalante

Motion Ryan Golden

Sound Ford Sound Design

Scheduled Illness?

Lake After Hours

If you knew when you were going to get sick or injured, scheduling your Doctor visit would be pretty easy. But until we can see the future, we’ll have to rely on the Lake After Hours to make scheduling a visit, when you need it most, a snap. In collaboration with Revive Health Agency, and the Lake Marketing Team, we did a turnkey production on 4 :15s second spots, all in one day. From casting, through location clearances, to post and delivery, we had a great time rising to the occasion and bringing these spots to life. Check out the edits and Behind The Scenes below!


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