Manship Theatre 2020 Gala


Producer Christopher Jeansonne

Editor Taylor Stoma

Manship Theatre 2020 Gala

Manship Theatre

Have you been to the Manship Theatre?

“Some say the act of creation is innate. That art simply happens. But, we believe it’s something more complex, something that grows from many seasons of care and commitment and passion.”

The Manship Theatre has been a Baton Rouge staple for over a decade, and in March 2020, they celebrated 15 years of community service, artistic education, and amazing performances. 

So, our team produced a video comprised of highlights over the years to commemorate the occasion at their annual fundraising gala. With the voiceover work done by John Spain, it’s a narrative driven piece featuring each of the unique ways the Manship Theatre has transformed over the years. 


Manship Theatre

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