Great Minds: Eureka Math² K-8 Digital Content

Great Minds: Eureka Math² K-8 Digital Content

Great Minds

An Imaginative Visual Space to Celebrate Math

Eureka Math²® is one of the most popular math curriculums in the United States. When the Great Minds team first contacted Launch Media, we were excited to dive into the engaging creative space of educational math videos. The vision? Design and produce an imaginative visual world of companion word problems. The goal? Infuse the classroom curriculum with new life. The result? K-8 math videos to complement in-class instruction and enhance student curiosity about math. 

Ultimately, our job was to produce a set of K-8 math videos that created more excitement about math among students and teachers. But, we knew we had to walk a fine line. As we designed a delightful, clever visual world, we couldn’t overshadow the core message of the math. Our team proposed the perfect solution: a minimal animation style without dialogue. 

Overcoming Pandemic Challenges

We initially planned to implement focus groups and use the feedback to produce the videos through a staggered roll out. Then, the pandemic started, the timeline shifted, and everything changed. 

Now, Great Minds needed our team to create 80 K-8 math videos in 18 months, with approximately 4-5 videos each month.

Under this accelerated timeline, we knew it was imperative to develop a tight production process. We needed to hit our quality markers at scale in a sustainable way. But, this was no simple feat. It required structure, innovation, and systematic creative coordination.

The Result: 80 Unique K-8 Videos in 18 Months

As we worked with a national team of writers and storyboard artists, we found our rhythm. We’re so proud to share that our team was able to produce all of the K-8 math videos on time while meeting our client’s communication goals and objectives.

The pandemic transformed almost 2 years of learning for students in our country and around the world, and it will will forever reshape their education journeys. We are so proud of this contribution to support in-class instruction that enhances student curiosity and makes children more excited about math.


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