Fundraising Video Campaign: CAA


Executive Producer John Jackson

Director of Photography Christopher Jeansonne

Director Christopher Jeansonne

Camera Assistant Ari Ross

Editor Taylor Stoma

Fundraising Video Campaign: CAA

Companion Animal Alliance

Promoting Pets for Life

Pets for Life enables people in underserved communities to adopt a pet. Not only can they receive free services like food and medicine, but they can also receive veterinary care for their animals. We’re animal people, if you didn’t know. And, we’re so grateful for organizations, like Companion Animal Alliance who have been taking care of animals in need since 2010.

Since we’ve done several projects with CAA in the past, we were excited to work with them again. So, we produced this fundraising video to promote the nationally recognized program, Pets for Life and seek continued funding by donors.

Pandemic Challenges

Shooting the video inside of people’s homes in the middle of the pandemic proved challenging. In addition to safety concerns, we needed to be mindful of different individuals’ levels of comfort. As always, thorough preproduction planning created the best environment for production day. 

Bringing the Mission to Life

One of the tenets of the Pets for Life program is that “a lack of financial means does not equate to a lack of love felt for and provided to a pet.” Shot in the underserved community of North Baton Rouge, Launch Media’s goal was to bring this statement to life through the stories of people and their pets for the fundraising video. We made a commitment to take time prior to the shoot to go into the community. And, our goal was to really get to know the subjects we were highlighting. The result was a touching portrait of how this program works and how vital it is for pets, like Jeramiah and Stevie, and their owners. 



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