Conquering Differently with Mary Bird Perkins


Director Wes Kennison

Creative Revive Agency

Director of Photography David Reece

Producer Christopher Jeansonne

Editor Taylor Stoma

Design Vitalija Svecionyte

Motion Taylor Stoma

Colorist Jonny Harn

Conquering Differently with Mary Bird Perkins

Mary Bird Perkins

A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. And, it’s different for everyone. Each patient has their own unique concerns and needs. That’s why Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center treats more than just the disease, they treat the person.

Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center strives to provide specialized treatment plans that are comprehensive and compassionate. Throughout the Gulf Region, patients have access to the some of the most advanced cancer treatments. Mary Bird Perkins recently marked their 1000th gamma Knife Icon treatment, a non-invasive procedure for patients with brain tumors or central nervous system disorders.

“Conquering Differently” shares the stories of real patients as they received care. It’s about emphasizing how everyone’s story is different, and individual solutions are necessary to treat cancer. Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center offers those specialized treatment solutions. And, they honor the individual on every cancer journey.

Conquering Differently is a revival campaign that we did with Mary Bird Perkins in 2016 to raise awareness about their gamma Knife Icon treatment. We love working with the team at Mary Bird Perkins. And, we’re proud to support cancer treatment and those individuals who are fighting to conquer differently.

Learn more about Anna’s story at Mary Bird Perkins.

Learn more about Michael’s story at Mary Bird Perkins.

Let’s #ConquerDifferently together!



Conquering Differently with Anna and Michael

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