Coast 360


Agency MESH

Production/Post Launch Media

Director Sophie Goodgion (MESH)

Producer/Technical Director Wes Kennison

Director of Photography Freddy Mince

Editor Wes Kennison

Art Direction Ryan Golden

2D/3D Animation Ryan Golden

Coast 360


One of the biggest problems facing the Gulf South today is that of coastal erosion. MESH approached us to produce a VR experience that would tell this story, and show what their client MRD is doing to fight coastal restoration.


Shot over the course of two days at two different Louisiana restoration locales, the VR experience will be used to help MRD outreach teams put event attendees ‘in’ the restoration effort occurring around the state. The finished product began in-camera¬†and was supported by traditional text on-screen and other standard design elements. The user experience was further enhanced by a particle-based motif that depicted sediment flow which wraps around the user and serves to lead the eye towards the next step in the experience, and multiple instances of 3D modeled assets which worked really well in the immersive space.


Paired with a healthy collection of VR headsets (6 to be exact), the finished VR experience will be used by outreach teams to leave an indelible impression on event attendees around the state.

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