Build Your Future: NCCER


Director Dave Conor

Director of Photography Dave Conor

Executive Producer John Jackson

Producer Christopher Jeansonne

Art Director Amanda Anderson

Creative Natalie Binford and Elizabeth Swarner

AC Thomas Campbell

Grip Brock Gomez

Grip Clint Buras

Gaffer Val Zimmer

Audio Chris Ganucheau

PA Luke Erno

Editor Taylor Stoma

Build Your Future: NCCER


Build Your Future is an NCCER initiative that aims to recruit the next generation of craft professionals. They empower students to begin a lucrative and fulfilling career in skilled trades, like construction, welding, and electrician mechanics and earn nationally-recognized certifications in their chosen occupation. 

In 2016, we worked on a video series for BYF to promote their initiative and highlight inspiring stories. In late 2019, they were ready for a revamp

The result was 3 vignettes of children who find their passion in different trade crafts after being inspired by local tradespeople who impacted their family and community. 

This particular series intended to inspire more than those students who might be interested in a craft-profession, but their key decision makers and influencers, like parents, teachers, or school counselors. The intention was as much about starting that inspiration for students as it was communicating the value and need of a craft-profession to their influencers.  

With a hero-centric narrative, these videos empower students to explore education opportunities and find the many viable paths to achieve self-confidence, pride in work, and meaningful accomplishments.



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