Our Guest List for Brunch in Baton Rouge

September 26, 2019

Blood(Y Mary Mix) is thicker than water. 

Thick stacks of fluffy, golden-pancake-goodness.  Sizzling bacon.  Fresh squeezed mimosas.  Hollandaise sauce everywhere. Finger-licking fried chicken with blueberry maple syrup?  It makes for some lowered inhibitions and great conversations.  

In honor of National Pancake Day, we decided to have a bit of fun with our post this week.  We are inviting 3 people to brunch with Launch Media (in our pancake-coma dreams, of course). Syrup pours on pancakes

  1. Steven Spielberg  

An icon and a visionary, Steven Spielberg is a filmmaker of epic proportions.  Netflix controversy aside, he has left a massive mark on the world of cinema.  He has directed countless blockbusters, such as Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, E.T., Jurassic Park, Schindler’s List, and Saving Private Ryan.  As one of the most critically acclaimed directors of all-time, Spielberg has an impressive, estimated net worth of over 3 billion dollars.  That’s no small shadow of influence.  He’s an absolute giant, and his creative output is awe inducing.  

We want to know what he thinks of his directorial style evolution.  How does he get started on a project? What ignites the vision? We want to know what motivates him in his creative process, and how he chooses which stories to tell.  Of course, we would have to ask why he’s against Netflix streaming, and debate theatrical cinema experience versus accessibility for viewers and filmmakers.  Does he have final say in his productions or is he constrained to studio expectations and red tape?  Does he prefer sausage or bacon? Will he ever make another Jurassic Park?  

We’d probably meet him at Beausoleil Restaurant and Bar because there’s always something unique and distinctly Louisianan to try.  And, the crowds are just right there.    

2. Ken Burns 

Naturally, we’d invite another director.  We are a media company, after all. We couldn’t pass up a chance to talk with Ken Burns.  From Vietnam to the American National Parks, Burns has covered seemingly everything with his extensive collection of historical documentaries.  His style has compelled generations to engage with the controversial in a thoughtful and meaningful way. We’d have to give him a seat at the table. 

We want to know how many projects he’s really working on right now.  How do you create a sense of intimacy and openness with an interview subject?  What was it like meeting President Obama and Michelle?  If you can only ask an interviewee one question, which question should you ask?  Where’s the best place he’s ever had breakfast? What’s the last documentary topic he ever wants to do?  How does he think an interview with President Trump and Melania would go?

We’d probably meet him at Rum House because even though the Baton Rouge location is not the original, their mimosas are the best.  And, how could he say no to a Carribean inspired brunch beneath the funky, natural environment on their patio? 

3. Fred McFeely Rogers

That’s Mister Rogers to you.  He really did it all, from television to music to ministry, Mr. Rogers was a beloved presence both on and off the air.  Nearly 900 episodes of the children’s classic show, Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood, aired until 2001.  He was a comfort and a guide to millions of children, helping us navigate difficult family issues and the pains of growing up.  An absolute legend, we’d have been honored to have Mr. Rogers join the ranks of our brunch spread.

There’s so much to address with him.  He would’ve been a gift of reason and humanity to social media.  What compelled him to address the difficult topics on a children’s show?  In today’s world, what does he think are the concerns at the forefront of growing up?  Would he change anything about the Mister Rogers show?  

And, oh, the characters in the Neighborhood of Make-Believe… That was always our favorite segment of the show.  We have to know how was each character created? Were they inspired by real people? Did King Friday XIII and Queen Sara Saturday ever have another child? If the show was still running, would Prince Tuesday be king?  

A Baton Rouge gameday staple, we feel like Rogers would appreciate Mason’s Grill.  It’s established, straightforward comfort food served with the relaxed vibe of regulars.  

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