August 25, 2021
Creating A Content Calendar

It’s a surprise to no one that being consistent on social media is a full-time job. Consistency increases engagement, but that’s easier said than done. Are you struggling to post consistent content to your website or social media platforms? You are not alone. We’re sharing three tips to jumpstart your content (or editorial) calendar. Define […]

Summertime is a great opportunity to enjoy the beautiful weather by doing fun activities outdoors, including filming! Recently, our team completed an amazing two-day outdoor shoot in the beautiful city of St. Francisville. There were kayaks, a gorgeous campfire, and plenty of outdoor activities with West Feliciana as the backdrop. With a modest budget and […]

In May, we celebrated National Mental Health Awareness Month: a month dedicated to normalizing talking about mental health and the importance of taking care of your mental wellbeing. All month long, there were special events, articles, and social media posts, providing resources to have better conversations around mental health. For me, it’s a new day […]

Launch Media Receives Naming Recognition Opportunity in Cancer Center    Baton Rouge, LA: Launch Media, a video production company in Baton Rouge, has received a naming opportunity in the Thomas J. Moran Imaging Center in Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center. Inpatient Prep Room 1 is now designated in recognition of Launch Media.   Over the last […]

May 26, 2021
Water Safety on Set

Summer means spending more time exploring the great outdoors. There is swimming and camping, and lots of barbecues. As many people venture outside, summer also means more outside productions. It’s important to protect equipment and people, as filming happens outside. Water safety is important at the pool, but also on the lake or the gulf […]

Imagine: you’ve been given the green light to have a production company (like us at Launch!) develop a brand anthem or company profile that speaks to your company’s identity and mission. It’s bold, innovative, and visually showcases your message. Then, time passes, and the company changes. In 2018, Amy Wold, director of communications at The Water […]

The way we attend events has changed drastically over the last year. Large-scale conferences have moved solely online and in-person meetings have settled into virtual. Many of these changes are here to stay and our team is prepared to handle it all. Many of our clients have decided to go virtual in place of their […]

Sixteen years ago, we launched GreenScreenTV, a company that focused on commoditizing video content. We did this by creating video packages using a Good, Better, Best business model. For a price that would fit into our clients’ budgets, our company would create a video for them. Customers would select from a list of different services […]

Whether you are a part of a large corporation or a fledgling social media influencer, a good branding strategy is key. Being able to convey your company’s presence in a single word, or to evoke immediate recognition with a simple image are two ways a brand can set you apart. What is a brand? To […]

Promoting a product brand is straightforward, but companies are often clueless on how to promote their corporate brand. A successful starting point is with a mission statement. Mission statements are meant to encapsulate a company’s identity and purpose. It answers the big “why” questions about your company in a succinct and (hopefully!) memorable way. Using […]

While it may seem all hype, there’s a science behind the company brand anthems we do. What looks like all celebration and flair is the result of hours of creative problem-solving. The issue most large companies face is that there are often stakeholders from various backgrounds with different ideas of what their company stands for. […]

From physician vignettes to new building tours, and everything in between, our team has partnered with healthcare giants like Mary Bird Perkins and Our Lady of The Angels – Bogalusa to create content that communicates company vision, but also shares the humanity of the people inside the building. We’ve had the opportunity to share patient […]

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